What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

So What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the promotion of a product or service using digital channels, digital technologies and digital media. The use of digital marketing can include anything from acquisition of new consumers or engagement of an existing customer base. The purpose is to promote a product, service or brand through the various channels of digital media in order to achieve an objective. Digital marketing is not just marketing in an online arena, because it also includes digital channels that are not connected to the internet but are of a digital nature; examples could include an app, ebook or podcast.

Digital marketing is not a new term in 2014, but it is gaining popularity far beyond the use of marketeers and techy devotees. Over the last couple of years the digital marketing industry has really gathered a momentum that now drives a main strategic agenda of the modern business . Carefully planned digital marketing bridges new technologies with traditional marketing methods to deliver a new age marketing mix. That said, there are many companies that only use digital media and digital marketing as their sole marketing strategies. One of the main reasons for the increased use in digital marketing is the speed of  implementation, KPI analysis, reporting and in some instances quick and measurable return on investment.

My personal believe and hands on experience of digital marketing is to use techniques that enable me to achieve the best of both worlds; digital strategy and all round marketing. The basic principles of marketing still apply to and digital marketing isn’t just another new channel for marketers to use.  It’s a refreshingly new approach for marketing professionals and business to explore as it offers a unique understanding of consumer behaviour a way to build a brand and basis to engage with the modern consumer.

What digital marketing channels should you use?

The Internet is the cornerstone of digital marketing as it covers web design, PPC, SEO, email, instant messaging, social media, forums and video which can be used by marketers to deploy campaigns and build brand engagement. The rapid growth of phones, tablets, apps and other mobile technologies has meant mobile has increasingly become the most frequently used digital marketing channel in recent times with mobile web usage set to overtake desktop usage.

Lastly, but not a channel to be overlooked is social media, its been a great ambassador and driver of digital marketing over the last 5 years. Primary use of social networks will always be consumer to consumer interaction, however leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have transformed into valuable digital marketing tools. For example Facebook allow brands to engage with its existing customers and target new prospects. Furthermore, organisations are able to use social media data to better understand its target audience and their demographic interests.

When considering the digital marketing channels to use in your campaigns you should firstly understand your audience and consider the most effective ways to engage with them. As an example and general rule, consumers are less likely to engage with a financial institution via social media in comparison to web or app.

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    Hi, thanks for explaining what digital marketing is in more detail. What is the best Digital channel to use for a startup website?